Xentoo is a user-friendly Gentoo based Linux distribution. Xentoo ships with the Xfce desktop environment and hand-picked software. We have our own package repository as well.


There are two things in this world that I love: Gentoo and Xfce. I thought to myself, why has nobody made an automated install script for Gentoo, and then it evolved into Xentoo.


Xentoo ships with Xfce, Terminator, Firefox, Hexchat, and a few other packages. The full list will be posted later.

External Resources

This is a work in progress. For example, while we do have GitHub up, chances are our code won't be up for a few weeks or so. We also are working on getting a subreddit. IRC channel is up.

» GitHub

Coming soon

» Subreddit

Coming soon


Coming soon

» Clover Repo

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» Wallpapers and logos

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Email me at fridaynightfeels@tfwno.gf